Proven System Reveals 
How To Generate More Calls, Increase Local Foot & 
Website Traffic That Result in More Sales & Top Line Revenue For 
Existing and Prospective 
Local Business Clients  
You Don’t Need Any Experience, Portfolio, or
 Expensive Software To Get Started Leveraging this 
Local Marketing Super Power” Today!

Follow Our Secret Method And You’ll Have Prospects Chasing You Down And Wanting To Work With You…


Dear Super Hero Local Consultant Friends,

Our team has been subtly utilizing a business tool over the past few years that deviates from the typical approach to getting results for both our local marketing agency as well as for our existing and prospective local business clients!

In reality, our agency is prospering as a result of this paradigm shift and business strategy!

We no longer worry about competitors or how to handle the usual challenges of prospecting or expanding an agency…

Why? Frankly, the strategy and service we’re offering flat out works and delivers results for our local clients.

Local companies have "sent a signal in the sky" to ask for our assistance! Ever since we started offering this specific service and strategy, local business prospects recognize and value the ‘Super Hero Powers’ we now possess!

This superpower is called Attention!

We've learned how to harness this power for the benefit of our neighborhoods, local companies looking to attract new local clients, and to grow our own agency!

There's a ton of power and profit in 'attention'.  

Not too long ago, we had a very successful launch of a product and course we called Local Media Hero. It was super successful and the results our students who implemented that strategy have reported have been remarkable and 'agency-game-changing'!

And now, in what we're dubbing ‘Local 3 Pack Hero’, we're going to reveal something extraordinary that will help local marketers and their prospects leverage another superpower granted to us by Google that delivers real and measurable attention to local businesses in the form of increased calls, website traffic, foot traffic, and SALES!

‘Local 3 Pack Hero’: What Is It?

Much of what a business owner does, online or otherwise, is to try and increase exposure for their business. They want to make more customers aware of their presence so more customers will go to them instead of their competitors.

This is exactly what Local 3 Pack Hero covers and will help local marketers do for their clients! 

More customers are using Google over any other search engine (by a lot), and more prospective customers are searching locally now more than ever.

Building out a ‘Google Business Profile & 3-Pack Agency’ by demonstrating you can help prospective local clients rank in the 3-Pack will enable local marketers and agencies to provide a real service that delivers results! 

In Local 3 Pack Hero, our partner, Craig Darling of Darling Local, who holds a roster of well over 500+ GBP Clients (clearly he knows what he's doing), will walk you through exactly what you need to do to leverage Google's 3 Pack to get real results.

Once you know how to definitively do this...imagine what your clients would likely pay you to get them the results they seek?

Local companies desire attention, new customers, and clients!

Where does that come from?


Local 3 Pack Hero reveals how to get those results from Google Business Profile and why local businesses are willing to pay you to help them get into the 3-Pack!

Studies have shown that the top three results in the 3- Pack have consistently higher click-through rates than any of the results below them. Most users click on the first results they find, particularly when those results are in a marked-off box indicating Google has categorized them as particularly relevant.

Craig covers all of it in Local 3 Pack Hero!

You have leverage when you can direct local consumers' attention toward the businesses in your area that you want to partner with...(like when you can help those businesses rank and get results from the Local 3 Pack!)

A blueprint we're calling Local 3 Pack Hero, aids agencies and marketers in generating and using local attention from Google! 

Anyone can establish, develop, and expand an authentic and a powerful '3-Pack' presence on Google! That alone gives any local organization leverage to get in front of their ideal audience searching for their businesses! 

Local 3 Pack Hero shows you how to do that so you can generate top-line revenue by helping local businesses position themselves in front of their ideal audience of customers in the Google Local 3 Pack!

We’ve discovered how to use that power responsibly…for the good of our local community, the good of local businesses who want to attract local customers, and for the good of our agency!

And now, we want you to have that power too!

There’s a ton of power & profit in attention. And we’re going to reveal how to leverage this attention in what we’re calling ‘Local 3 Pack Hero’!

Now, You Can Develop a Real Superhero Power That Delivers Real Results For Your Local Business Clients…In the Form Of Attention...

...So you can Help Your Clients Get More Calls, More Local Foot Traffic, More Website Traffic, That Result in More Sales & Top-Line Revenue

If you’re an agency owner or consultant, you might have noticed it’s getting harder and harder to connect with prospective local business owners and decision-makers…

However, if you can demonstrate you can get results...

If you can help generate more calls...

If you can help increase local foot traffic...

If you can help increase website traffic...

If you can help increase sales and top-line revenue...

You'll develop more business than you can handle!

Here Are Some Statistics Worth Noting...

It Makes Sense For Your Clients To Show Up On Those Maps When Their Customers 
Are Searching For Them!!!

One might imagine it would be a relief to not have to WORRY  about showing up when an existing or prospective customer searches for your business. 

One might also appreciate not-having-to FEAR competitors getting all of the calls, traffic and sales because they can get into the coveted 3 Pack...

Imagine what would happen if you had the knowledge set right now…that helped you deliver the results local business clients desperately need and want? 

That's like having a real superpower!!!

And what if you had a virtual endless pool of local business prospects who would gladly pay you to help them get those results?

Not convinced?

There has been a 900%+ growth in mobile searches using “near me”

It doesn't matter whether you are an iPhone or Android user.  Go ahead and do a search on the device you use, right now!

It does not matter what you type or niche local business you search for...

Just try it for yourself, but include "...near me" at the end of the type of business you search for on your device.  The results will likely be unique to you and wherever you are located in the world.

Let your imagination go wild here...

Just think about all of the different locations and businesses in all of those areas...

The opportunity is staggering!

Want a seemingly endless source of prospects who need help getting into the results you just searched for? Might I suggest simply browsing to Page 2 of your Google Search!!! 

All of those businesses are likely interested in improving their result!

With Local 3 Pack Hero, you'll learn how to get and deliver those results to your existing and prospective clients! 

If you are serious about growing your agency in a frictionless way, or you’re simply curious if Local 3 Pack Hero will work for you, read on…

With Local 3 Pack Hero

  • You Can Establish Awareness, Celebrity, and Credibility in your Industry or Local Area Quickly…
  • You Can Establish Trust in your Industry or Local Area Rapidly…
  • You Can Generate More Calls...
  • ​You Can Generate More Foot & Website Traffic...
  • You Can Generate More Sales & Top-Line Revenue...
  • ​Little To No Price Resistance and No Extensive  Tech Set-Up...
  • ​Steady and Continued Growth Opportunity
  • ​Little To No Competition (Seriously, There is an Abundance of Opportunity!)
  • ​This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing
  • ​​Very Little Maintenance Involved

“There Must Be A Disadvantage, Right?”
Nope. Not That We Can See.

The Local 3 Pack Hero Method and Strategy has NOTHING to do with any of the worn-out failed approaches you’ve probably seen before:

  • NO Paid Ads
  • NO MLM or Network Marketing
  • NO Pitching to Family or Friends
  • ​NO Home Parties
  • NO Expensive Postal Mailing
  • ​NO Super Long Learning Curve
  • NO Licenses or Permits Required
  • ​NO Product or Inventory Necessary
  • ​NO Speculative Crypto…

This business model is methodical and step-by-step! You can launch and run this in your spare time while pursuing your other business and personal interests.

Unlike other business models, our Local 3 Pack Hero method produces highly sought-after and desirable results in a rather short period of time!

…Results that continue to grow over time!

...Results that will continue to serve you and your agency!

...Results that can lead to you getting paid rather handsomely!

...Results that will help you establish attention & positioning in any location you choose! (this is critical and important enough for any business who wants to be found when someone searches for their products or service slocally)

Local 3 Pack Hero Will Help You Establish The Knowledge Base and Skill Set Required To Deliver Results 
Local Businesses Crave!

…even if you have little to no experience or never worked with a local business client...

Hey! We are really excited to reveal all of this Super Hero-Like Power to you, but first, in case you don’t know us…

-Drew Griffin

-David Calafiore

I’m Drew Griffin along here with my Business Partner David Calafiore

We run a company called Delicious Marketing and we’re the guys behind a software called

We live in Pennsylvania. I’m on the East Coast just outside Philadelphia and David is on the West Coast of Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.

What you really need to know about us is that we actually do this stuff!

A few years back we recognized some of the 'friction’ in the local space. We sought out sustainable business models that allowed us to prospect and offer results-driven products and services that removed us from the 'commodity pool'. 

Connecting with Local Business Owners and Decision Makers was becoming increasingly Harder and Harder! We knew we needed to do something different and made the decision to create an asset-based agency...and one that delivered real results and real help for our clients.

If we're honest, we all suffer a bit from fear of rejection and when it started getting harder and harder to connect with decision-makers, things got tough...

It was directly impacting our ability to generate predictable, consistent revenue!

We knew something had to change or our business was going to be in serious trouble! And we didn't just want some trick to help us get our 'foot-in-the-door'.

We wanted and needed a way to truly position ourselves in the local market as the de facto and go-to resource!

Then we figured it out…

We got really good at getting 'passed the gatekeeper' and the way to do that was to 'become the gatekeeper'. 

The Way to Get Passed The Gatekeeper Is to

Become The Gatekeeper

After months of prospecting and what seemed like rejection after rejection…It hit us like a Super Power Punch! (Like POW!!!! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!...LOL)

We had to do something about this ‘Gatekeeper Problem’!

It was the one thing that was holding us back from successfully growing our agency and it was the one thing that we knew we had to address if we were going to continue prospecting for new clients (and growing our revenue)!

To Get Passed the Gate-Keeper…we had to Become The Gate-Keeper!

It was then that all things started to change for the better.

When we made the subtle change in our approach, we started to experience a shift in the balance of power towards our business.

When we implemented what we now call the Local Media Hero method, suddenly we controlled what all local businesses desire…ATTENTION!

You see, when you control the attention of local consumers…the same attention from local consumers that local businesses crave, suddenly, it becomes infinitely easier to connect with ideal prospective businesses…because you HAVE what local businesses WANT!

But today, we're not here to talk about Local Media Hero...

We found a 'new' source of attention that is profoundly powerful...

Which Brings Me To The Reason For This Important Announcement...

We've come to understand the power that attention and positioning delivers! Local Media Hero taught us a lot and we're fortunate to have had the privilege and good fortune to come to know and work with our good friend, colleague and partner, Craig Darling of Darling Local

Craig Darling

- Craig Darling


Craig has a storied career and has been super successful in sales. 

When we first connected with Craig and discovered his astute business acumen, particularly the results he consistently gets his clients with Google Business Profile and The Local 3 Pack, we instantly wanted his help (and wanted to work with him because he's just a really great person)!

Here's the thing you really need to know about Craig Darling...

He's built a wildly successful agency with well over 500 real, paying Google Business Profile & Local 3 Pack Clients!

Why is this important? 

His agency is currently servicing and getting paid by over 500 Clients!

That's the kind of experience anyone who seeks out capable, competent and legitimate expertise would want to learn from and model when it comes to building out a results-driven, top-line revenue producing agency!

Today, David and I want to and are thrilled to introduce you to Craig and another effective and frictionless service offering that delivers results for which local businesses are willing to pay.

And we're revealing it in what we're calling Local 3 Pack Hero!

For the many reading this, Local 3 Pack Hero may be the super-secret-breakthrough you’ve been waiting for to leverage to help your clients get results!

No matter what local marketing services you currently offer…

No matter what you sell...

No matter if you have Zero Experience…

No Matter if you don’t currently have a single Customer or Client…

No Matter if you are just getting started, this could literally change the trajectory of your agency! (Just like it helped save our agency!)

Super Easy!… 
We Recommend Beginners & 
Experienced Agency Owners Do This Instead...
To Get Real Results!

Let the competition do the same things all of their competitors are doing…and start focusing on what the competitors won’t!

Sometimes you have to Zig while the Competitors Zag!

The bottom line here is if you can deliver results that local business owners need and want, you'll be set!

Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • Quickly Implement Success While Learning Local 3 Pack Hero
  • ​Rapidly Establish Authority, Celebrity, and Credibility by getting into The Local 3 Pack
  • ​Bypass Friction & Rejection While Helping Your Clients Get Results!
  • ​Build Awareness and Positioning
  • Get Your Agency and Your Clients To Be Known, Liked & Trusted
  • ​Build and Control The Trust & Attention of Local Consumers
  • ​Position Yourself as an Agency or Consultant That Delivers Actual Results that Local Businesses Value
  • Generate More Calls, More Leads, More Local Foot Traffic & Website Traffic, More Sales & Top-Line Revenue
  • ​ Set yourself and your agency up for years to come!

Why 3 Pack Ranking in Google Search Matters...

It is important to note that Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) containing a local pack often get the majority of clicks. The Local 3-Pack specifically gets 44-61%* of the total clicks.

Knowledge is power!

If you can help your clients get into the 3 Pack, that means a substantial increase in clicks and thus 'traffic'!

Google 3-Pack holds the number 1 position in 93% of all Google searches. This means the 3-Pack can position your business as one of the most relevant in the eyes of customers.

The 3-Pack gives online searchers a quick glance of the  businesses who show up in search. This is important considering people’s short attention span. Consumers tend to gravitate towards businesses they can easily find online.

They also consider what other people have to say about the businesses who show up...which means a much larger opportunity for you and your agency!

The 3-Pack massively helps improve your brand’s online visibility which might reasonably mean a significant increase in attention for a business!

🦸These Students
(No Different Than You)
Are Doing It RIGHT NOW!

Local 3 Pack Student: Ron Sams

Local 3 Pack Hero Student: Michelle

Local 3 Pack Student: Sherrie Sanderson

Local 3 PackHero Student: Lloyd

Local 3 Pack Hero Student: Cassandra


WORKS FOR YOU 24/7/365

One of the very best modalities any new or experienced agencies can leverage is to have a mechanism that works for you 24/7/365!

When you can help a local business show up when a prospective customer searches for a product or service they offer, that will impact a business' ability to generate more calls, leads, local foot and website traffic as well as the bottom line...Sales & Revenue!

Whether you currently offer:

  • Blogging
  • ​SEO
  • ​PPC
  • ​Facebook Ads
  • ​Video Marketing
  • ​Reputation Management
  • ​SaaS
  • ​Social Media Marketing
  • ​Social Posting
  • ​SMS Marketing
  • ​Messenger Bots
  • ​WordPress
  • ​Website Design or Development

…it doesn’t matter!

Local 3 Pack Hero can help you deliver immediate impact for Local Businesses who might then consider the other services you offer!

Become a Local 3 Pack Hero &
Develop a Real Superhero Power Delivering Measurable Results in the Form of More Calls, More Leads, More Local Foot & Website Traffic Which Leads To Sales &
 Top-Line Revenue!

Craig shows you everything! He’ll take you from Zero To Hero!


  • Lesson 1: What Are Google Maps?
  • ​Lesson 2: Why Are Google Maps Important For Business?
  • ​Lesson 3: What Could Google Maps Mean For Local Businesses


  • Lesson 4: How Can A Business Get Started With Google Maps?
  • Lesson 5: What Is The Google Maps Potential For A Local Business?
  • ​Google Maps Maintenance


  • Lesson 7: Monthly Touch Points For Google Maps Business Listing
  • Lesson 8: Getting The Listing To Rank
  • ​Lesson 9: Agencies Help Local Businesses With Google Maps


  • Lesson 10: Offering Google Maps and Google Business Services
  • Lesson 11: How To Scale Your Google Business Agency
  • ​Lesson 12: A Recap of This Course

BONUS MODULE: Interview with 7 Figure GBP Agency Owner - Craig Darling

What’s The Catch?

Local Agency Owners have started to reach out to us for more details because we simply just don’t deal with the B.S. anymore when it comes to the typical friction of prospecting and the client services we offer.

We’re simply only interested in getting real results for our business and those who we wish to help position in Google's Local 3 Pack! It just works to help increase what Local Businesses ACTUALLY want!

So we decided to do just that and finally worked with who we know to be the foremost expert in Google Business Profile and The Local 3 Pack! We organized Local 3 Pack Hero into a unique step-by-step course (with thorough over-the-shoulder training that's super easy to follow!)

We have one goal with Local 3 Pack Hero…to help aspiring local marketing agency owners and consultants get real results by delivering real results for real local businesses!

Also…we’re standing by Local 3 Pack Hero with a money-back guarantee…so no real catch at all!


If You Answer “YES” to any of these:

  • You Have No Existing Client Base…
  • You Are Just Getting Started and Don’t Have a Product or Service to Offer
  • You have a Hard Time Getting The Attention of Prospective Local Business Owners
  • ​You’re Working Hard To Prospect For Local Clients And Not Confident What You Offer Will GET RESULTS...
  • ​When you finally get the meeting with a Local Prospect, You Can’t Close The Deal…
  • ​You want a method you can scale up as big as you want!
  • ​You can’t devote 24 Hours Per Day To This Project…
  • ​You Still Want To Enjoy Family Life
  • ​You Want Results and you’re Tired of Buying Bright Shiny Objects and Courses to Show You Something New, But Don’t Deliver!

You No Longer Have To 
Chase Prospects!

There comes a time when we all need to make a decision…

The moment you make the decision to do things just a little bit differently than what everybody else is doing…

…a decision that takes your agency and career in a wildly new and rewarding direction, with less friction and unpleasantry…

Of course, this new pathway will be a challenge to the conventional way of thinking and doing things but…

There will be breakthroughs for your agency and business that make it worth pursuing!

When you start to grow and control the attention and following of a local audience, it all comes together and makes sense!

'Suddenly', you will have exactly what your prospective local business clients want and what happens next is very exciting!

And we’ll be right there with you!

If you want to connect with more ideal prospective local businesses, you owe it to yourself, your agency, your family, and your loved ones to consider Local Media Hero!

Here’s What To Do Next…

The first thing to do is to Take Massive, Unprecedented ACTION and full advantage of this opportunity while it’s here at a ridiculously low price!

Local 3 Pack Hero is an appealing product and paradigm shift that your agency and business can leverage to will results into existence! (with what is as close to a superhuman power as you can get)

At this price, for this New, Super Hero Power , it's Incredible!

  • Don’t be forced to pay $997…
  • Don’t Deal With Uncertainty Anymore…
  • Don’t Feel Anxiety That You Won't Be Able To Do This For Yourself...
  • ​Don’t Feel Worried That You Won't Be Able To Deliver Results For Your Clients
  • Don’t Think You’ll Figure It Out Alone
  • Don’t Waste Time and Energy Waiting On Someone else to say YES…
  • ​Don’t Delay Building Your Roster Of Clients Who Need You
  • Don’t Miss Out…
  • Don’t Get Shut Out…
  • ​Don’t Pretend this Paradigm Shift Isn’t For You

Look…for the tiny fee you’ll pay us, you’ll have all of the upside…

It won’t make a dent in our income BUT, Local 3 Pack Hero can (and has) changed the lives of many consultants who have implemented this method into their agencies!

Is a Super Hero Cheat Code!

In case you haven’t realized, Local 3 Pack Hero can be a real game-changer for you and your agency as well as all of your clients! It truly is a Cheat Code when it comes to  building a local client roster…because learning this skill set will help deliver impactful results for your clients!

No Matter What It Is You Offer As a Service….

Learning the skillset within Local 3 Pack Hero can help you deliver game-changing results businesses want.

Thereafter, offering and selling more of your products and services you currently offer becomes infinitely easier!

We invite you to join our Secret Society of Local 3 Pack Heroes!



Does this take a lot of time?

The real answer depends on your definition of a lot of time. Once you go through the training, the initial setup should not take very long if you follow along step-by-step.

Local 3 Pack Hero is designed to give you an Asset in the form of knowledge that you can then go and help legions of local businesses get the results they actually want!  

Will this cost me a lot of money?

Your initial investment is pretty cheap. I will say to experience rapid and continued growth you should consider building upon your prospecting and sales skills to assist in favorable results and the realization of top-line revenue!

How many businesses can I realistically be able to acquire?

This depends entirely on your efforts and ability to deliver results. Craig shares everything you need to get started quickly. Something worth considering is the truth of what Craig has been able to achieve in scaling his business. There are, of course, no guarantees you will get any clients whatsoever, but you will have access to a course that provides information on developing amazing results that local businesses desire!

Is there a real opportunity here? 

I love this question!

Do a search for yourself...

Simple type, "how many businesses have not claimed their google business profile..."

And you'll likely get something to the effect that 56% of business have NOT been claimed on Google

According to another search: "How many businesses are Started each year in the United States...", it is reported that over 4 MILLION are started Every Single Year!

Our answer is that we all have a massive opportunity!


-David Calafiore

-Drew Griffin

- Craig Darling


Delicious Marketing courses are not for tire kickers or to just see the inside of the member's area. Our programs have helped thousands of students from all over the world. These courses are for serious business owners with REAL businesses. With that being said, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. This is because we want you to have adequate time to go through the material and implement what was taught. We do not give refunds to people who have not gone through the entire program. You must watch 100% of the course content and put in the work for a refund request to be considered.

The 14-day guarantee is in place to give you plenty of time to go through the course and put everything into action. If it is still not a fit after you have done that, we will be more than happy to buy the program back from you if you submit a refund request within the 14-day time frame and demonstrate you've put in the work. Fair enough?


Earnings Disclaimer

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